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17 Apr 2022
I was reading up on how the Envoy proxy generates x-request-id and learned that it uses UUID (Universally unique identifier). Then I got curious about UUIDs.
02 Apr 2022
The remote work environment is different from the office, face-to-face environment. Different environments require different communication systems. This guide tries to set the expectations and provides some guidelines on how we can do better as an individual.
12 Mar 2022
My experience preparing and taking Linux Foundation Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam
09 Feb 2022
And some unsolicited advices
20 Jan 2022
16 Dec 2021
What are even "Statics" Pods in Kubernetes ?
01 Dec 2021
My Experience taking Linux Foundation CKAD exam
13 Nov 2021
This is me writing down my discussion with someone from work regarding `for` loop vs list comprehension in Python. Dur...
09 Nov 2021
I've been looking at how I can improve the performance of an internal service written in Python. I was wondering if the...
07 Nov 2021
Another rainy day, another interesting post. This time, it is the SIM cards.