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06 Nov 2021

Things I Read - Trie, Raft

Things that I stumbled on a rainy day.

  • Understanding how Trie (Data Structure) works
  • Understanding how Raft (Distributed Consensus algorithm) works


I have heard/seen it but not in detail until now. Saw someone posted about it on HN and makes me curious.

I also found a post about Trie written in Python by Googling. I like the clear explanation with diagrams and put the code on github.

Some takeaways

  • Cool data structure to build autocomplete / prefix tree.
  • Two main functions
    • Insert
    • Query


Another item on my endless “things to read” list is this particular Understanding Distributed Consensus link.

Some takeaways

There are two main processes

  1. Leader Election
    • How all the nodes in the system came to an agreement on who should be the leader among them
    • States of the Nodes
      • Follower
      • Candidate
      • Leader
  2. Log Replication
    • Once the leader is elected, all the changes go through the leader.
    • The leader then replicates the change to all the followers.
    • The leader waits until a majority of them have written the entry.
    • Then the leader commits the state and confirms that to the followers.

There are a lot more details than this so probably will go back to the link above from time to time. And maybe I will have to try implementing it.