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10 Aug 2022

Things I Read 10th Aug 2022

[Kubernetes] Pod Topology Spread Constraints

Today I was looking for a way to evenly spreadout the N numbers of pods on M numbers of Kubernetes Nodes. I found that Pod’s spec.topologySpreadConstraints is the way to do it.

This is the fields necessary.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: example-pod
  # Configure a topology spread constraint
    - maxSkew: <integer>
      minDomains: <integer> # optional; alpha since v1.24
      topologyKey: <string>
      whenUnsatisfiable: <string>
      labelSelector: <object>
  ### other Pod fields go here
  • maxSkew describes the degree to which Pods may be unevenly distributed.
  • topologyKey is the key of node labels.
  • whenUnsatisfiable indicates how to deal with a Pod if it doesn’t satisfy the spread constraint:
    • DoNotSchedule (default) tells the scheduler not to schedule it.
    • ScheduleAnyway tells the scheduler to still schedule it while prioritizing nodes that minimize the skew.
  • labelSelector is used to find matching Pods. Pods that match this label selector are counted to determine the number of Pods in their corresponding topology domain.

Before adding the topologySpreadConstraints,

$ k get po --selector=name=my-service-prod -o wide --sort-by='{.spec.nodeName}'
NAME                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE     IP              NODE                              NOMINATED NODE   READINESS GATES
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-sxtn8   2/2     Running   2          3d22h   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-kgt6   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-xwmhz   2/2     Running   0          99m    gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-kgt6   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-jq5m8   2/2     Running   4          5d3h   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-kgt6   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-njp9p   2/2     Running   0          31h    gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-msct   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-qxxhb   2/2     Running   3          4d5h   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-msct   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-gzbl5   2/2     Running   3          5d1h    gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-nlwh   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-8hn89   2/2     Running   0          3h27m    gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-nlwh   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-wl4nd   2/2     Running   4          5d21h   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-pxd9   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-fq9l7   2/2     Running   1          2d4h    gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-pxd9   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-pmxsc   2/2     Running   0          20m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-pxd9   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-m2rq4   2/2     Running   1          3d3h   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-qmtx   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-xvmh8   2/2     Running   0          3h41m    gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-qmtx   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-r2w2l   2/2     Running   0          83m      gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-s2qk   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-kwk2b   2/2     Running   0          83m      gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-s2qk   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-qhkkl   2/2     Running   0          4h2m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-urkt   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6588ffbc7-47c22   2/2     Running   1          3d11h   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-urkt   <none>           <none>

After adding the topologySpreadConstraints.

$ k get po --selector=name=my-service-prod -o wide --sort-by='{.spec.nodeName}'
NAME                               READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE   IP              NODE                              NOMINATED NODE   READINESS GATES
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-hpqf4   2/2     Running   0          69m    gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-kgt6   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-tk824   2/2     Running   0          68m    gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-kgt6   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-tdprc   2/2     Running   0          69m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-msct   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-96vvb   2/2     Running   0          68m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-msct   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-gbcjp   2/2     Running   0          69m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-nlwh   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-98nrt   2/2     Running   0          69m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-nlwh   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-rcpmv   2/2     Running   0          69m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-pxd9   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-glh5z   2/2     Running   0          68m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-pxd9   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-n5xmt   2/2     Running   0          55m    gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-qmtx   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-dgf2l   2/2     Running   0          69m     gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-s2qk   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-q9d5l   2/2     Running   0          69m     gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-s2qk   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-nll8j   2/2     Running   0          69m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-urkt   <none>           <none>
my-service-prod-6cf99454d8-gjj4w   2/2     Running   0          68m   gke-my-kube-nodes-ae7c9e16-urkt   <none>           <none>

We can now see that the pods are allocated on the nodes (almost) evenly.